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Marshall Eriksen: You're telling me that when you watch "The Karate Kid", you don't root for Daniel-san?
Ted Mosby: Who do you root for in "Die Hard"?
Barney Stinson: Hans Gruber. Charming international bandit. In the end, he dies hard. He's the title character.
Lily Aldrin: What about "The Breakfast Club"?
Barney Stinson: The teacher running detention. He's the only guy in the whole movie wearing a suit.
Robin Scherbatsky: I've got one. "The Terminator".
Barney Stinson: What's the name of the movie, Robin? Who among us did not shed a tear when his little red eye went out in the end, and he didn't get to kill all those people?
[Breaks down]
Barney Stinson: I'm sorry. I just get so emotional.
Ted Mosby: I am never watching a movie with you again.
Barney Stinson: They didn't even try to help him!

TOP-3 Most awesome and inspiring people

Another bloody TOP-list from me. For no apparent reason what so ever. But yeah, let’s fucking get on with it and get inspired, booyah!

1. Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry

Why? Because he is quite simply awesome. He is overwhelmingly intelligent, charming man whom you could listen for hours. The comedy shows he has done with Hugh Laurie are brilliant (such as A bit of Fry & Laurie), the quiz show he hosts, QI is easily the most intresting and funniest way of learning new things and the speeches and documentaries he gives are just brilliant. He is an over all scholar of all kinds of different information, he is very liberal and knows how to express his views as fluently as anyone is capable of.

Links to interesting videos:

Kinetic typography -video about one subject he is passionate about: Words and language

A video of him speaking about the problems and negative sides of Catholic church

Fry discussing different subjects at Sydney Opera House


2. A.W. Yrjänä

Why? Basically the same reasons as with Mr. Fry. Yrjänä is a finnish poet and musician. He is basically the frontman for the finnish band CMX (Cloaca Maxima), writing the music and lyrics for the band, as well as playing the bass guitar and singing. He also writes different things from books to articles, ranging from complex poetry about mythological beings to articles/essays about food.

Links to interesting videos:

CMX - Hautalinnut (The song is in Finnish, lyrics in English can be found via Google)

CMX - Antroposentrifugi (Live, the song is in Finnish)


3. Isaac Asimov

Why? As well as the two previous people, he comes to my mind because of his intelligence and because of his awesome books (which he has written about 500 of). I mean, Asimov was no Einstein, coming up with new, brilliant and world-altering ideas every other Sunday, but he was a brilliant writer. His books from The Foundation to End of Eternity are all profoundly genious and you can really see his appreciation toward humans and intelligence. This is a man who believed in the 80’s that one day we will have connected computers (Internet) with limitless libraries (Wikipedia) where people will educate themselvs and rise above typical, slow-minded human beings with no interest in learning. And that kind of an optimistic belief in other humans is something I can totally get behind and try to grasp myself too.

Links to interesting videos:

An interview with Bill Moyers

Another interview, with Simon Bourgin

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Less than a month.
Less than a month.
Less than a month.
Less than a month.

Oh god, I can&#8217;t wait.

Less than a month.

Less than a month.

Less than a month.

Less than a month.

Oh god, I can’t wait.

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